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Re-Initializing the Database

If your FlowchartWiki Database is corrupted, you may re-generate the table that contains the links between the pages by running the fchw_RefreshPages.php script from the commandline.
cd to directory htdocs/<yourWiki>

 php ./extensions/flowchartwiki/maintenance/fchw_RefreshPages.php

Windows Note:
PHP could be started by

 c:\Program Files\Apache2\modules\php\php.exe

Unix Note:
You may need to have the PHP-cli package installed on your system.

Temporary Files

FlowchartWiki and PDFBook create temporary files in these directories:


FlowchartWiki Note:

  • The filenames are created from a hash of the database-prefix and the name of the wikipage and are overwritten for each update.
  • There are four files per page:
    • .dot source which was converted to .png and .map by graphviz.
    • .png with the graph,
    • .map with an ImageMap for HTML Display
    • .dot.md5 which contains the hash value of the dot file and is used to validate, if an image needs to be re-created.
  • Deleting these files is safe, they will be recreated at the next access, but you will have to delete all 4 files per page.
  • Stale files will only exist for pages that have been deleted, so a frequent purging of this directory is not required.

PDFBook Note:

  • There are 2 files per .pdf document
    • .html source (no Extension) which gets converted to .pdf by htmldoc
    • .pdf with the .pdf document
  • The filenames are 'pdf-book-' with a random number.
  • These Files are created at each creation of a .pdf Document and are not re-used.
  • In Pdfbook 1.1.0 the files are deleted after they have been delivered to the user, so the directory should be mostly empty.
  • you may want to configure a cron-job to clean up this directory.

Moving to new empty server

  • Export all pages from old server via page Special pages - Export pages
    • First see list of categories, and load pages for each one.
    • Don't forget to add category page like (Category:Test) and MainPage
    • Don't forget to add customizing pages (Customizing:Configure_Chart, Customizing:Configure_Chart_Documentation, Customizing:Configure_EPK)
  • New server - choose Special pages / Import pages and select exported file
  • Copy your logo to images/logo.png and this line to Localsettings.php
 $wgLogo = "/wiki/images/logo.png";
  • Copy Mediawiki:Sidebar page to new location

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