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FlowchartWiki - Wiki-based Process Modelling and Documentation

Flowchartwiki is an extension to MediaWiki for creating flowcharts from the links between wikipages to support process modelling and process documentation in MediaWiki. This simplifies the self-organizing of teams and processes.

Simple Navigation: click on the auto-generated graphs. See for yourself - the diagrams on each page (including the diagram on the left) are automatically created from pages in this wiki. Just click on a Process step in the diagram to go directly to that page.

Use it for

  • Process Diagrams
  • Process Modelling
  • Process Documentation
  • training plans
  • ...What could you think of?

Brief Description

FlowchartWiki allows teams and processes to self-organize, using a Wiki to create process models and process documentation.

Each step within a process is a separate wikipage. And based on the links between these wikipages and a type assigned to a wikipage, a flowchart diagram is created automatically.

The diagrams are always up-to-date, which reduces manual maintenance.

Unlike popular office software, all users of the wiki can simultaneously access the process model and keep accurate for their needs.

FlowchartWiki is an extension to the well-known Mediawiki Software and both are free and open source. Because of this, the powerful features of Mediawiki, such as the audit trail and notifications, are brought to bear on easy-to-navigate process documentation.

FlowchartWiki repository on GitHub, Site moved to Docker container

New in 1.2.5

  • Fix deprecations in MediaWiki 1.27 and 1.29.1

New in 1.2.4

  • Fix sloppy coding that PHP 7.x rejects or complains about now.

New in 1.2.3

  • Fixes for MediaWiki 1.27 LTS

New in 1.2.2

  • Fixes for MediaWiki 1.24.x

Main Sponsor / Support and Service

We can support you with installation, rollout / consulting and maintenance. Please Contact us for further details.