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Easy conversion of .doc Files with

The writer module of can open .doc documents and has a special export filter to export the document in MediaWiki markup. (=MediaWiki Formatting).

Detailed List of Features: [[1]]


  1. Download []
  2. Install the downloaded application
  3. open the .doc file in the Writer module
  4. Export the Document in MediaWiki markup as a .txt file
    1. Choose File -> Export
    2. Select File Format "MediaWiki (*.txt)" and enter a FileName.
  5. Open the .txt File in Notepad or any other Text-Editor, mark the parts to be transferred or the whole document and copy it into the clipboard
  6. Create or open the page in your Wiki and go to the Edit-Mode of the page
  7. Paste the content from the clipboard into the Edit-Window of the Wikipage
  8. Save the Wikipage

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