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How to create a process

Sample Category Page Content:

<CategoryBrowser />

Description of the process...

configure the type of the graphics

  • CategoryBrowser - Tag displays graph of current category. Items are process steps of this category.
  • ModelType::EPK - Specifies graphics style for graph, definition from this page is used for all process step graphs.

How to create a process step

Sample page content:

<CategoryBrowser />

Description of the process step...


<Dependencies />

  • CategoryBrowser tag displays graph of current category. Items are process steps of this category. Note: that you can use CategoryBrowser2 tag displays 2 graphs - left shows whole process of current step, and right only neighbours.
  • Dependencies tag shows table with dependencies between process steps
  • Type::Product - Type for current page (displays specified shape/color in graph)
  • Level::1010 - Steps with same level are in same line in graph. Increase the Level by 10 for the next line in the graph - to Level::1020, Level::1030 etc. (If you have done some BASIC Programming "in the good old days" - this is like line-numbers in Basic. - And yes, we are working on a renumbering function ;-))
  • PageName::DifferentName (optional) - this overrides the usage of the name of the WikiPage in the Graph with "DifferentName". i.e. If your WikiPage is named "SomePage" - it will default to the box labeled "SomePage" in the Graph. If you use "PageName::Some_Other_Name_For_This_Page" it will be labeled "Some Other Name For This Page" in the Graph. ("_" are replaced with " "). To split the text into multiple lines, insert "\n" where a linebreak should be placed. Example: "PageName::Some_Other_Name\nFor_This_Page" would show the label in two lines: 1:"Some Other Name", 2: "For This Page".
  • Category:Flightbooking - This is important. Describes participation in process.

Detail documentation

Tag CategoryBrowser

<CategoryBrowser />

Displays 1 graph.

<CategoryBrowser2 />

Displays 2 graphs. Left shows whole process and right only neighbours. CategoryBrowser2 on category page show only 1 graph.


Displays graph(s) for selected category (graph of another category process).

Tag Dependencies

<Dependencies />

Shows table with dependencies including type of links.

Type of page 'EnterProcesses': Rect_Green
Where do I link to:
  Maintenance (NextStep)
  UserTraining (NextStep)
Who links here:
  UserTraining (NextStep)
  ImportExistingDocuments (NextStep)
  Customizing (NextStep)

Tips & Tricks


If you use the FCKEditor with FlowchartWiki, you need to put __NORICHEDITOR__ at the start of each page.
Otherwise FCKEditor may mangle the Tags like this: (Thanks to Andrew from New Zealand.)
  [[Type::Rect_Red]]                     # original Tag
  [[Rect Red|Type::Rect_Red]]            # 1st round
  [[Rect Red|Rect Red|Type::Rect_Red]]   # 2nd round

Positioning of the Tags:
You may want to place all the FlowchartWiki related tags (like "NextStep::Maintenance", "Type::Rect_Green", "Level::1030" etc.) to the end of the page, if your users are disturbed by the tags showing up in the middle of the text.

Type::Rect_Green Level::1030